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About me

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A bit about me...

My name is Danielius and I am currently studying Computing Science at the prestigious University of Glasgow!

Before my studies I finished the IBDP program in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since the very young age I was interested in IT, and it was a long and joyful journey trying to learn the concepts of computing and finally building my first projects. As the time elapsed, the projects got more complicated pushing me to learn new technologies and improve my programming abilities and speed.

Now I feel confident in my skills and want to use them to create any kind of web project for you!

How do I work?

As a developer, I think the communication with my client is as important as the quality of a code. Hence, I always try to involve the client into the development process.

As a tutor, I always adjust to student's pace and skills. I think that patience is the essence of teaching, therefore, I will try to explain concepts in different ways until they are absolutely clear to you.

Programming services

Do you want a unique website? Maybe it is a portfolio, business, media website or web portal with a proper admin panel? Or maybe you need something different, like a game, some kind of a clock, etc.? Then just let me help you!


I speak HTML, CSS, Bootstrap


I love PHP and Laravel


jQuery does the dynamics


You always know my progress

5% off

For every day I'm late


I'll fix bugs after code delivery

Teaching services

Ever thought it would be really cool to learn to write code for yourself but have absolutely no idea where to start? Struggling with programming in highschool? Or maybe you find school maths quite challenging? Contact me and I WILL help you!

50% off

For the first lesson


Lessons always personal

you decide

I will adjust to your needs

3 languages

English, Russian, Lithuanian


If you are in Glasgow

skype call

If you are anywhere else

My experience

Not all of my works are visual, some of them involve only logic or so-called back-end. For example, scripts that edit an array of pictures. Once I was too lazy to do my English homework and find definitions for a list of idioms, so I just created a script that did that for me!

contact me

Need any help? Found something interesting about me? Just want to chat? Leave me a message and I will answer as soon as possible!



Responsive, friendly, knowledgable - everything You can find in Danielius. He is professional in many complicated situations. Also Danielius is very responsible and honest programmer...
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